Six Sigma Process Improvement

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma in Finance

Finance organizations are experiencing challenges due to the growing competition in today’s advanced business environment (Madhani, 2020; Singh & Rathi, 2018). To gain a competitive advantage and stay in business, these organizations need to eliminate operational waste and enhance their efficiency and productivity to better manage their operational capabilities, increase customers’ satisfaction, and achieve their…

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Six Sigma

What Are The 5 Lean Principles?

What Is Lean? Lean is a philosophical way of working used to detect and eliminate waste in a process based on customers’ perspectives[1,2]. This includes variability and uncertainty involving supply, demand, and time. For instance, prolonged waiting times, delays, defects/errors, and storing and inspecting data – all do not add value that customers are not…

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Six Sigma Healthcare

Reducing Access Block and Ambulance Ramping to Improve Emergency Department Performance: Lean Six Sigma Strategy

Overcrowding Issues in Emergency Department Overcrowding in emergency departments (ED) continues to be one of the major issues happening within the public healthcare systems and for patients and medical professionals worldwide. It occurs due to the massive number of people waiting to be admitted or seen (input), long delays in the patient ED treatment process…

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