Six Sigma Australia Aims & Targets

Six Sigma Australia

Transforming our client organizations into leaders in their respective fields

Lean Sigma Experts Australia strives to transform the client organizations into leaders in their respective fields. To achieve this, we aid and support the clients in designing strategies, approaches and breakthrough processes using our certified Lean, Six Sigma and Quality methodologies and techniques.

Our vision is to be acknowledged as the innovative and creative centre for delivering effective business process improvements training courses and consultancy services.

Every organization has its own respective problems hence we look into even the most minute details in our effort to solve them. Results are guaranteed. We promise to give you our fullest commitment in aiding you in your efforts in managing challenges and preparing yourself for tomorrow’s opportunities. Rest assured that you will not have an inconvenient time working with us, as our team is highly-certified and well-experienced in Lean and Six Sigma Australia.

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Applying Lean Six Sigma Australia To your Business

More often than not, organizations waste their valuable resources on unprofitable and unnecessary tasks and activities. Our Lean Six Sigma Australia methodologies and tools  will help you in saving precious time and raking in more revenue by cutting waste out of the equation. By doing so, you will not be having any shortage in terms of resources in finishing your projects, securing quality and the subsequent customer satisfaction.

Lean Sigma Experts Australia Approach

  • Champions/ Sponsors: Trained business leaders who determine the critical areas of a performance culture, and who lead the deployment of Lean Six Sigma in a significant Business Unit.
  • White Belt: Individuals who have attended General Lean Six Sigma awareness training.
  • Yellow Belts: Individuals who receive specific Lean Six Sigma, Leadership and Change Management training to support Lean Kaizen projects in their areas.
  • Green Belts: Fully-trained teams and leaders who apply Lean Six Sigma, Team Development and Change Management skills to their respective projects in their job areas.
  • Black Belts: Fully-trained Lean Six Sigma Australia experts and Senior Change Leaders who lead improvement teams; working on critical projects across the business.

Cultivating Lean Six Sigma Australia and Forward Thinking