“The name of the product is JMP, with the suggestions that this product is a quantum jump over previous software”

– John Sall, 1989

Lean Sigma Experts is proud to announce that we now have a new affiliate with world renowned data analysis software JMP. JMP – pronounced as ‘jump’ – is a statistics software or a tool for data analysis provided for the many enthusiastic data explorers; e.g, scientists and engineers, across the globe as it focuses on exploratory data analysis and visualization. Ever since its development in the 1980’s by the business unit of the SAS Institute, this software has become a powerful statistical analysis and discovery software, available around the world as it is compatible with both Mac and Windows desktop through its graphical user interface (JMP assignment help by statistics experts; JMP, n.d.). In addition, JMP is well-known for its user-friendly application as it

  1. Provides a convenient way to import data from various file types and even databases, and use robust recoding and restructure tools to prepare said data.
  2. Help compute Regressions and ANOVA, or operate multivariate analysis (e.g, Principal Component analysis or Cluster analysis)
  3. Assist new users to gain rapid insights from their data analysis through its interactive and intuitive ‘point-and-click’ interface.
  4. Help in comprehending complex relationship using its link analysis and graphics.
  5. Provide advanced graphs and capabilities to create effective and fascinating data visualization.
  6. Enables dynamic output in which after carrying out a procedure, the additional statistics  and graphs can be either added or deleted in the results window without needing a re-run process.
  7. Support for design of experiments and design generation


JMP was first introduced, with scientist and engineers as the target audience, by John Sall (SAS Co-founder and Executive Vice President) in 1989 with the aim to give them an opportunity to explore data visually. The pronunciation of ‘jump’ in JMP implies a “leap in interactivity, a move in a new direction” (About us, n.d.). Throughout the years since its debut, JMP has thrived from a single product into a family of statistical discovery products. Today, people from various industries all over the world are utilising JMP due to its empowering capabilities in facilitating interactive analytics on the desktop.


Throughout the years since its launch, JMP has built its own family of statistical discovery product to choose from depending on their unique capabilities such as;

  • JMP
  • JMP Live
  • JMP Pro
  • JMP Graph Builder for iPad
  • JMP Clinical
  • JMP Genomics


Combining all of its products developed from time to time, JMP now has a list of main capabilities provided for those in need of it. These main capabilities include;

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Visualization
  • Text Exploration
  • Design of Experiments
  • What-If Analysis
  • Quality and Process Engineering
  • Sharing Results
  • Making JMP Your Own
  • Data Cleanup
  • Basic Data Analysis
  • Group, Filter and Subset Data
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Reliable Analysis
  • Consumer and Market Research
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Analytic Hub: Integration with SAS, MATLAB and R

By: Aizatul Aisyah Bt, Mohd Idris

Date: 23th March 2020


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