Our International Clients

Standard Charted – Six Sigma Australia
TIETO – Six Sigma Australia
TM – Six Sigma Australia
Western Digital – Six Sigma Australia
VADS – Six Sigma Australia
Top Glove – Six Sigma Australia
Sime Darby – Six Sigma Australia
Scicom – Six Sigma Australia
Shenker – Six Sigma Australia
Recron – Six Sigma Australia
Proton – Six Sigma Australia
Petronas – Six Sigma Australia
Nitto Denko – Six Sigma Australia
New Crest – Six Sigma Australia
Monash University – Six Sigma Australia
Maybank – Six Sigma Australia
MAS – Six Sigma Australia
Lotus – Six Sigma Australia
KWSP – Six Sigma Australia
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia – Six Sigma Australia
Jotun – Six Sigma Australia
Jalex – Six Sigma Australia
Infosys – Six Sigma Australia
Hitachi – Six Sigma Australia
DRB-Hikom – Six Sigma Australia
Henkel – Six Sigma Australia
Goodway – Six Sigma Australia
Fujitec – Six Sigma Australia
DHL – Six Sigma Australia
Danone – Six Sigma Australia
CSC – Six Sigma Australia
Clariant – Six Sigma Australia
CIMB – Six Sigma Australia
Cidb – Six Sigma Australia
Chen Guan – Six Sigma Australia
Cardinal – Six Sigma Australia
Baker Hughes – Six Sigma Australia
Averis – Six Sigma Australia
Alstom – Six Sigma Australia
Alba – Six Sigma Australia

Our Clients by Location


  • DHL
  • Clariant


  • DHL
  • Owen Illinois
  • Accenture
  • Clariant


  • MSME
  • DHL
  • Clariant
  • Accenture
  • Lenovo


  • DHL
  • Clariant
  • Mahaphant


  • DHL
  • Clariant


  • Clariant


  • DHL
  • Owen Illinois
  • Clariant


  • DHL
  • Clariant
  • Danone-Dumex
  • Accenture (Pepsico, Polyone)


  • MSME
  • DHL
  • Clariant
  • Accenture
  • Lenovo


  • DHL
  • Owen Illinois
  • Clariant


  • DHL
  • Owen Illinois
  • Clariant


  • DHL
  • Clariant


  • PDC
  • MPPP
  • Averis
  • MDeC
  • DHL
  • SGL Carbon
  • Tamco
  • MAS
  • Accenture
  • Danone-Dumex
  • Asltom
  • RHB
  • CIMB
  • Sime Darby
  • Alliance Bank
  • Maxis
  • POS Malaysia
  • Ramsay SIme Darby Medical Centre

Our Client's Testimonials

Attended a great learning event on Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) yesterday, delivered by Dr. Satnam Singh Budwal who recently moved to Sth Aust. Dramatic improvements can be made in processes in ANY industry using LSS. Our (service industry) simulation delivered reduction in cycle time from 7 minutes to well-under a minute, eliminated all process errors and defects, and turned a $100k loss into a $90k profit! AND without job losses! The simulation effectively created capacity to DOUBLE OUTPUT or redirect resources towards INNOVATING new processes, products or services. Those seeking significant business growth/change might be wise to consider Lean Sixsigma as an improvement vehicle. Your thoughts?

Prenan Pty Ltd – Australia
Amanda Wood, Business and Manufacturing sector professional

I have taken Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Public Training in MBizM, including coaching sessions from Mr. Harbans and eight weeks preparation for IASSC Exam. The training is designed not only for exam preparation, but suits many employees with goals to increase their understanding on Lean Six Sigma. Overall, the training has been a great experience. The classes were challenging, but each one of us was able to learn so much of it! Generally speaking, I would like to deeply thank to my trainers – Mr. Harbans and Dr. Satnam. I am very grateful to Mr. Harbans for the great time he spent on the coaching sessions. Prior to the preparation for the IASSC Exam, thank you for the patience you had with me and by coaching me to do the sample of IASSC Exam papers, MBizM examination papers and Q&A sessions. It really made a lot of difference to me. I wish success and many achievements for the team of MBizM and that you can continue showing us from different industries on how good it is to learn Lean Six Sigma.”

Monash University Sunway Campus – Malaysia
Hor Phaik Shian, Senior Finance Executive

A very well read and knowledgeable trainers and has the ability to use the trainees actual data as sample during discussion to ensure a better hands-on understanding of Six Sigma. Able to conduct the trainings in an interactive and enjoyable manner due to vast experience on manufacturing related areas. Able to also provide different levels of coaching to accommodate everyone’s learning rate and their understanding levels to ensure that the subject matter is received across clearly and effectively.”

Pharmaniaga Berhad – Malaysia
Senior Engineer

The course is a very compact, comprehensive and interactive with examples provided and very detail guideline especially in interpretation of statistical result. The trainer (Mr. Harbans Singh) are well experienced in coaching and facilitating the training and well versed in the aspect of Lean and Six Sigma Projects implementation in some other organizations. He is willing to share his experience and findings with participants to enable them well understand the actual situations in the industries.

Public Training Participant
Mr. Wong Siew Chuen

Thank you MBizM for your tremendous attitude and effort in working with me during my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course. Your real-world experiences and application of the Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools demystified the statistics behind methodology. I appreciated greatly your hands on training and coaching in the use of the Minitab software and the example test cases relative to industry application of Lean and Six Sigma. Your positive attitude, energy, and approach to the Six Sigma material is a significant contributor to us in understanding the Six Sigma concepts and tools, and in how and where they can and should be applied and how the results should be interpreted correctly. My personal and business capabilities have grown substantially since embarking on their training series.

Maxis Berhad – Malaysia
Kalvinderjit Rekhraj, CEO, Elite Relationship Manager, Customer Operations

I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent Coaching and Support provided to our GB/BB team at Jamshoro which has developed a solid platform for CLNX in Pakistan. With gratitude also from the Management.

Chemical Industry – Pakistan

I found the training interesting and exciting. It has greatly broadened my mind about business, project and how to maintain them. Greatly appreciated Mr. Harbans for sharing his knowledge

KDU University College – Malaysia
Mr. Yaameen Faisal

Being a trainer you have portrayed a profound knowledge in the subject matter. You are well structured in your presentation. You managed to interact well with the participants especially on eye contacts. Furthermore I noticed that you are able to attract the attention of the participants.

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) – Malaysia
Ir.Mukhtar Che Ali, Senior Manager Standards & Quality

Six Sigma training and coaching sessions conducted by you was the best so far. Referring to the previous Six Sigma project coached by you, we now understand that Six Sigma is a very good tool to help us in resolving problems. Your teaching, training and coaching sessions were really valuable and went beyond our expectations. In fact, you trained us to become more critical in thinking. Your good explanation techniques made it easy for us to understand each lesson taught during the theory sessions and your dedicated coaching enhanced our understanding as well as to complete the project as scheduled. On top of that, your teaching style was not boring and it was really interesting.

Government Organization – Malaysia

I started this course without any prior understanding and familiarity of Six Sigma. With extensive and dedicated coaching from Dr. Satnam Singh in a 5-module coaching session (i.e. DMAIC), I began to progressively learn more of Six Sigma constructively and had practically applied it in my project aimed at cost reduction and optimization of procurement processes. Every Green achieved at each tollgate stage was testimony to the true achievement of applying Six Sigma to realize and champion our project goal and objectives. It was as ever as great as having an efficient and effective and tolerant coach to ensure success for our benefit.

GLC – Malaysia
Senior Executive

Dr. Satnam and Mr. Harbans did an outstanding job for us in introducing Six Sigma and it is greatly appreciated, above and beyond what I would have expected when going into this. Taking the Lean Six Sigma course for cost reduction and process improvement was enjoyable and energizing. I am able to apply the concepts shared in the sessions to be applied in small and large scale projects for my clients.

Techline Engineering Sdn Bhd – Malaysia
Mahinderjit Singh, Managing Director

Your Lean Six Sigma coaching sessions in India have been enlightening. I admire your expertise on the subject, combined with your clear, simple and systematic approach. In spite of your vast and varied experience, I found you very modest and open-minded. While your competence on Lean Six Sigma methodology is unquestionable, I am particularly impressed by your experience, insight and expertise in the area of Lean Management. I thank you for the many detailed inputs provided by you on 5S Housekeeping, SMED and Value Stream Mapping. I once again sincerely thank you and look forward to working on LSS projects, with you again.

Lean Sigma – India
Project Manager